Need the name of the paint for slippers


I can’t remember the name of the paint that you paint on the bottom of slippers to keep them from being slippery. I’ve read it on the forum before, but can’t remember what it’s called. Also, where can I find it? I’ve just finished a pair of felted slippers and would like to use this on them. Thanks in advance.

Knitaholic :??

it’s puffy paint.

Is it washable, and where do I find it?


You can get puffy paint in any craft store. Next time I make something that needs non-skid I want to try non-skid rug backingthough.

I have used Latex. It looks like milk, and I paint it on with a brush.

jan - you’ll have to let us know how the rug backing stuff works. it sounds like what virtuella mentioned. or…i have a 50% off coupon and i just might be FORCED into some shopping, LOL.

knitaholic - puffy paint is washable if it’s the purchased stuff for fabric (of course, i would read the label to make sure)… there is a puffy paint you can make at home, but that definitely is not washable - has flour, water, etc., more for paper painting and items that won’t be washed. i’ve never seen a recipe for homemade that is washable.

Thanks everyone for you quick response–don’t know what I’d do without this forum.

Knitaholic :smiley:

You’d be doing in the craft department what my best friend was doing in the pharmacy department of WM a while back. There’s a type of Celestial Seasonings tea that is called “Tension Tamer”. It’s great after a stressful day, and I had sent her a bunch of it. We began calling it “Calgon” tea {remember ‘Calgon take me away’?}. She had run out and needed more, so she went to WM to get some. She was asking the person working that department for Calgon tea!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: