Need the best join for socks

I want to try different colored heels and toes. I’m afraid of my join coming apart and the toe literally falling off.:teehee:
How do I go about joining so it’s strong?

What you don’t want in toes are knots, since you will most likely feel them when you’re wearing the socks. What I do is end the old yarn at the end of the round, then start the new yarn at the beginning of the next round, leaving a 6" tail. After you’ve knitted a few stitches with the new color, stop and tie the two yarn ends together loosely so that you can go back later and untie them.

When you’ve finished the sock, go back and weave the two ends into the stitches, in opposite directions.

Another nice technique to learn is the Russian Join. Directions here:

If you’re using wool you can try spit-splicing, but it may be less effective on the superwash wools usually used for socks.

With any of these joins, your chances of having the toes fall off are about .00001 percent.

Kitchener stitch! :wink:

What an interesting technique. I’m curious to learn how to do it.

Really? I can’t even imagine. It boggles my mind to do it on the toes.

russian joins are realy good i like them. they are a bit fiddly to start with but well worth it.