Need sweater pattern ideas...Something cute and not too "Fine"

I’m almost finished with the last pair of slippers I’m making (I’ve made more than 20 pairs of the French Press slippers!) and I need something DIFFERENT! I’m ready for another sweater but am having trouble finding a great pattern. I can’t knit with anything smaller than a size 8 needle (hand issues) and like something slightly fitted (I wear a medium). Have any of you come across something simply adorable? I’ve been searching ravelry…Not inspired yet! (I want to order the yarn so DH can give it to me for Christmas, so I’d like to decide soon!)

I’d also like suggestions for GREAT yarn. I have too many sweaters that look old after one or two wearings!

Hi Gina! You want worsted weight yarn and pattern to go with it? Wool, acrylic, ?

Yes…Worsted or bulky. You can see what I’ve made in the past on Ravelry…I can do wool, or blend or cotton/mix.
I find cotton alone stretches a bit too much.
Thanks for your help, Jan!

Here are a bunch of fun sweater patterns on my pattern search website: [=27&data[craft][k]=k"][49]=27&data[craft][k]=k]([49)