Need support group in Suffolk County

Hi! I live in central Long Island and desperately need a knitting support group. Also, for all you knitters living in my area…The new yarn store Rumplestiltskin in Sayville is not at all helpful!! Have never received help from them yet despite the fact that I bought all my yarn there! But, I need a support group of other knitters! Suffolk County Knitters unite!!! :muah:

Where are you in Suffolk? I’m in the Patchogue area. By the way, I just stopped by that store last week, and I was not impressed either. Some lovely yarns, though.

I just knitted my very first sample this weekend, so I’m not much of a support group. But I do live in Suffolk (Hauppauge) and I would love to learn more about knitting! (Not to mention find the best places to shop…places that will be kind to beginners.)

Hi all -

I live in Melville - near the Walt Whitman Mall. I have been knitting for over 30 years and it would be great to meet other Suffolk knitters.

Any ideas???