Need super simple baby bootie pattern

Does anyone know where I can find a super easy baby bootie pattern, can even be crew sock type pattern?

in the book [U]Knitting for the First time[/U] there is a pattern for booties with eyelets (made with a simple yarn over) then with laces threaded thru them. it’s not that expensive of a book.

My favorite bootie pattern comes from Its part of a neonatal set which is listed under Hospital Patterns {for some unknown reason.:slight_smile: } Look under Children’s Items and you will find Neonatal Knits from Toronto. This is the set, the booties are sized for preemies but if you use ww yarn and size 8 or so needles you get a full-sized bootie. IIRC, the most difficult part is having to pick up stitches. I make a crochet chain tie of about 70 stitches, tie it on at the back seam and loop it through every other stitch at the ankle around to the front and tie it in a bow. HTH! {I tried to post the link but it wouldn’t work. Probably operator error.:mrgreen: }

penguinwear - thanks, I found the pattern and printed it out. I like the bonnet too, and the sweater. Hmmm.

You are welcome, I hope you enjoy it.:thumbsup:

Some bootee patterns -,guid,089e1fd3-3394-d4af-6820-0007e96ddfa0.aspx

One of my faves to make is:

Hope this helps