Need summer pattern for petite 7-year-old

Hello ladies & gentlemen –

I have been looking for a cute pattern for my daughter. I would like something she could wear in the summer – perhaps a tank or T?? I saw a cute tank in Amy’s free pattern section, but it’s really too “babyish,” according to my 7-going-on-20 daughter. :wink:

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you! Thank you! :notworthy:

How about this T-Shirt?

Well, I had thought of that one, but it’s an adult T, and I don’t know how to size it down!! :crying: My very grown up 7-year-old is also very petite and fits into a size 6X.

Perhaps I’ll knit that for myself. :lol:

Hmmmm…this is such a cute tank, though you would have to resize it…

This is a cute dress.

Oh, that is cute! OK …I think I’m going to have to take some time and figure out how to re-size patterns. :doh:

Thanks, Brooke! I had seen this one, and it, too, seems like the wrong size. <sigh> Thanks, though! It’s really cute!

How about these tops? :thinking:

Ooo … those are some cute ones, too. I’m thinking I’d buy the yarn somewhere else, though! $45 for a kid’s t-shirt??? :rollseyes:

Oh yeah, don’t be afraid to substitute! There are all sorts of cheap acrylics that don’t feel like brillo pads…caron simply soft, lion microspun…go cheap and washable! Just make up a swatch, and use your gauge to determine the pattern. Do you have Stitch N Bitch Nation? There are really easy to follow instructions in there for resizing a pattern.

Oh and about the cute tank top that Julie posted–is it that it’s such a cute tank or such a damned cute little girl?!?

Thanks, m.s. …

I had a copy of SNB from the library a while back, but never got a chance to read much of it. I’ll grab it again. And after bragging about Knitting for Dummies on another thread, I guess I could go whip it out & see if there are instructions in there!! Sheesh! :doh:

And, yes, that little girl looks like she was made to model. What a cutie patootie!

How about this or this?

Square –

Cute! Thank you. I had seen the one @ Knitty and bookmarked it, but the other one is new to me, and looks great, too.

Thanks so much!

Well, through my journies tonight, I’ve run across another cute tank pattern for little girls – unfortunately too little for mine. But, perhaps one of you other mommies out there can use this.