Need suggestions please!

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”]Hello all!

I have 20 skeins of Katia Diva yarn that’s very pretty but quite bulky. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a pattern that would best utilize this yarn.

I like the Katia Diva sweater used to show the yarn (photograph below) but have no idea where to find the actual pattern. Plus, my Diva yarn is in pastel shades (#6101 photograph also below) rather than the solid white that is pictured. So, I’m wondering if the pastels would be too much for a sweater.

I thank you all in advance for any and all suggestions.



link to purchase sweater pattern for Katia Diva yarn:,Knitting%20and%20Crochet,Katia%20Knitting%20Patterns%20and%20Books,Diva

found these

Long-sleeved shrug in purl with a large knit cable from sleeve to sleeve on the top edge to tighten up the neck area slightly (so it won’t slip down off your shoulders)?

I thin it would be REALLY pretty in those pastels (but then, I like bright pretty things, especially toward spring.)

[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“3”][B]Dear Susan, debb, CountryKitty and Becky:

Thanks so much for your replies.

Susan you found the actual pattern. Hooray! :cheering:

I like the other suggestions as well and will definitely put them in my pattern arsenal.

Many thanks for your responses and interest. :muah:

All the best,