Need Suggestions for Pet Name -- Update 7/29 - She's Doing GREAT!

Mmmm…How 'bout Tiger? :think:

War Eagle!!! :slight_smile:

I love Daisy, its so cute! How about Abby or Molly I like those for dog names.

If I were getting a female dog… I like Maisy and Sadie.


Well, we’ve already got an Aubie. Dh wishes she was a boy so he could name the dog Barkley. But it is something I thought of.

And a War Eagle back at 'ya! :thumbsup:

My favorite movie growing up was The Ugly Dachshund. The Great Dane in the story was named Brutus. He had no idea that he was a Great Dane, because he grew up with a whole pack of Dachshunds. :smiley:

So we named our Boston, Brutus.

Awww… I really like Barkley! That is too cute! I have a female cat named Barny, so obviously, I wouldn’t let gender hold me back on that one!

If you wanted to keep an AU theme, “Shug” would be cute!

I envy you! I wish wish wish we could get a dog but we have 2 cats and our big girl (Toisie) simply would not allow it.

Remember that name DaisyMay? Why don’t you call her
DaisyMia! Then as time goes by you can use whichever you feel like!
I named my cat Etoile after Star in french but it came too be too difficult to yell all the time so it got shortened to Toisie.

My boy cat is Paolo. Hope you husband changed his mind… that dog sounds adorable.

I like Molly, Maisy, Ginger (almost used that name for my puppy).

I have two dogs (Jake & Greta) and three cats (Minnie, Oreo, and Cookie). I never owned so many pets at one time. Growing up I was only allowed to have one cat and when that one died, no more.

I remember when I went and adopted Oreo & Cookie. I was only to adopt one (Cookie), but the shelter was having a buy one, get one free special. So I picked out Oreo and had the shelter hold them while I went and did some errands. I called my Dad and told him about the second cat and there was silence on the end of the phone… no comment, nothing. I told him if he didn’t want me to have the other one I would just adopt one. He said “two?” and I said “yes”. He finally agreed but was still hesitant. Once I got home he saw how cute they were and the rest is history. Now he claims Oreo has his! HA!

Went home from work (thank goodness I work part-time), and took my son with me to see her. The “boss” allowed the other gal to bring her to the office for me to see. What a cutie pie! And, they are going to let me get her tomorrow afternoon instead of hoping that I’m first in line on Saturday morning!!


So, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…the pictures I took today!





Isn’t she just adorable?! Oh, and she was obviously mistreated because she has sores on her back from a severe flea infestation (that took three flea baths to get rid of). But she was affectionate and wagged her tail when we were visiting with her.

After seeing her adorable face, I’d have to vote for the DaisyMia choice!


Daughter is starting to like the name Molly. But we’re so torn…being a soccer family. Mia would really go with Pele, but she’s soooooo cute…Molly would fit so nicely (as would Daisy, which I still like).

Oh man…I’m going to have a hard time waiting until tomorrow afternoon!!!

I know I keep pushing this, but you know, Sugar (“Shug” for short) does fit her!!

She is precious!! Almost unbearable amounts of cuteness!!! She sure deserves a loving home!! :heart:

Oooh! I can’t wait to see pictures.
The cutest name I ever saw for a white dog was “Q-tip” :smiley:

Oh! I see the pics now! I can see why you couldn’t resist. I also love the name Bailey.

LOL, he suggested bringing beer to my camp! I’m way underage! :clink:

And I like Daisy! What a cute doggy!

We’re totally leaning toward Molly now. The more we look at the pictures, the more she looks like a Molly.

I broke the news to dh just now. He’s putting up a “token” fight, but I think he knows he’s lost the battle. He’s putting up a tiny bit of resistance to her traveling with us next weekend, but she’ll be in the car with us.

Oh, and we just got back from the pet store. Dd bought her the cutest collar and small chew toys.



She reminds me of the RCA dog. Nipper. [U][/U]

After seeing her pictures, I think Molly suits her really well. She’s a cutie, that’s for sure!

Too cute!

After seeing the picture my girls and I decided “Molly” fit the best.