Need Suggestions for Pet Name -- Update 7/29 - She's Doing GREAT!

Well, I’m at it again…

My dd and the little girl she babysits sold lemonade yesterday using a sign that stated that they would donate their proceeds to our local animal shelter. So off we go with the money, a new bag of dog food, and a couple of other items…

And I’ve just fallen in love with a little female stray that just got dropped off yesterday. They don’t know what kind she is, and a look at the dog book doesn’t help. She’s white, possibly three months old, and might weigh ten pounds. She has a couple of brown spots…one around her eye and others elsewhere. But she’s mostly white. They wouldn’t let me see her up close (in case the owners walked in and thought I was taking “their” dog), but I don’t think she’s got very big paws…hopefully she will stay under 30 pounds.

She won’t be available to adopt until Saturday, unless her owner comes to claim her. I’m seriously, seriously thinking of adopting her…much to my dh’s chagrin. After all, we just got the rats… But he likes her looks…

Anyhow, what names do y’all like?

FYI…my other two dogs’ names are Aubie (cause we’re Auburn fans) and Pele (as in the famous soccer player…he’s my dd’s dog).

I’m kicking around the names Mia (as in Hamm…famous female soccer player) and Daisy.

What’cha think (other than I’m tenderhearted but crazy)??

I like Mia. :thumbsup:

How about “new giant pain in the ass?” :think:

Or just how about some pics?!

I don’t have any pictures. They have her in a cage that is enclosed by another wire fence that people have to stay outside of.

I don’t look at my animals as pains. They have all brought so much joy to my family’s life. I can’t imagine not having them.

I hope that came off as sounding like the joke I meant it to be :shifty:

I like Daisy!

I have a Barnum and a Bailey … because it’s like a circus, and a Reba (I think like McIntyre because she’s orange, but we didn’t name her).

And if I take the stray at the nursery, I think I’ll call him Claude. No reason, just Claude.

I met a man and his dd the other day at the park with a new golden puppy they named “Bruce”. I thought that was cute.
I thought if I ever got a bassett hound I would name him “Fred”, I don’t know why, but that it sounds cute.
Hard to name without seeing pictures!

Oh, you’re fine. I’m sorry I got defensive. I just know that three dogs sounds like a lot. :muah: :hug:

All of our dogs (we’ve only had 3) have been named “Buddy”, we just really like that name.

I really like my aunt and uncle’s dog’s name, “Trudy”.

My dh had a dog named, “Kellie”, growing up.

I like both of the names you’ve picked too, hard decision! Good Luck!

i REALLY like daisy.

I like Daisy or Mia. Daisy sounds cute, and Mia sounds sophisticated.

I had Barnum and Bailey (cat brothers) a long time ago - they would tumble like acrobats.

mia is cute.
i always liked scout for a female pet (as in to kill a mockingbird)

Thanks for the suggestions!

My daughter [I]really[/I] likes the name Mia. I still think Daisy is cute. I’ll have to go by and see if I can take a picture of her tomorrow…just so y’all can see what she looks like.

Dh is still unconvinced that we need another dog. I have until Saturday to convince him. But, he’s taking dd out of town to a soccer practice for the weekend. Dare I??? :teehee:

I like Daisy just because I used to have a Daisy. I also see nothing wrong with having 3 dogs… mainly because I HAVE 3 dogs… The only other female we’ve ever had is Spooky. Named that because she has one brown eye and one blue eye. (We also have a male dog with a female name, given to him by the shelter because he was such a big “Sweetie”)

Nah, three dogs doesn’t sound bad at all. We’ll see if the two right now ever work it out and then maybe think about a third one here.

I must admit, I was just looking to get a “thanks for the joke” but seems I make people mad more then smile on here.

Hey Jessica,

All is really okay. I’m sorry I was sensitive. Maybe I’m pms’ing. You’ve got to understand that I deal with a 15yo’s bad attitude daily…my nerves are a bit frayed these days, and what’s often meant as a joke is taken too seriously.

Please forgive me. You didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, it sounded like something Mason would say! We always get a chuckle from his dry sense of humor…eeerrrrr…I mean his charming wit. :wink:


Thanks for explaining, :hug: back at you. I don’t think my type of humor translates well when typed :rollseyes: Oh well

I accept your humor (and you) just as it is (you are). :wink:

Of course you dare! :teehee: I mean, really, when you get the new little bundle of joy home, do you really think your DH will make you take her back?? No way! I don’t think they like to admit it, but I think the men are softer than women when it comes to animals. :shrug:

I’m not good with coming up with names until I see a picture. . . so I’m waiting. . .

You, my dear, are gonna help get me in trouble, eh? :teehee:

We’re supposed to go out of town next weekend (soccer tournament). My daughter suggested taking her with us and <gasp> sneaking her into the hotel room. I just got my hotel confirmation from the team mom, and when I looked at the hotel, it said, “pet friendly.” Yeah! So, we’ll save a few $$ on boarding, plus I just would not have the heart to board her after just getting her.


Pictures coming later…son and I will make a drive later on…