need suggestions eyelet in garter

I’m working on this pattern which is a triangular shawl with several rows of eyelet midway through. I got to the eyelet part yesterday and it looked terrible. After doing six rows I ended up deciding to take it out. The eyelet wasn’t pronounced enough for my liking, it just looked sloppy and sort of moth eaten :grin:

Is there a way to make a more pronounced eyelet or mesh stitch that would look good paired with garter stitch? One that is flexible so that I can keep doing the increases and decreases required in this pattern?

Or should I adjust my technique? Larger needles maybe?

You could go to larger needles but you might need to make a few decreases on the last row of garter st. When you start the garter st again, you would increase sts.
You could also experiment with wrapping the yarn around the needle again. So yarn over the right needle and then around again. This’ll make a larger eyelet.