Need stitch help please?

M1L = Make 1 loop around the right needle using your thumb so the working thread leads out from behind
M1R = Make 1 loop around the right needle using your finger so the working thread leads out from in front

Can someone with knowledge explain these directions? I checked the video glossary guide and they don’t match as far as directions. I want to make the Counterpane square from this site:
But when I came to the directionsfor the M1L, M1R It sounded like a Yarn Over, which is already in her stitch listing and has a dircetion for it.
I’m already frustrated that I’m a failure at DPN round knitting I certainly don’t want to give up on this since it’s a flat piece.:??

Have you looked at the backward loop cast on? Most definitions for M1L/M1R are for knitting the strand between the sts through the back loop, the difference being in whether you pick it up from the front or back. The instructions in your pattern are to just make a loop with the yarn, one going clockwise, the other counterclockwise, if that helps.

is that the similar to a Yarn Over?

FWIW, the M1 incs with the loop method is my fave. If you need to see a pic it’s in Radcliffe’s ‘Knitting Answer Book.’ (Seem to recall it being referred to as one of EZ’s incs.) However I make the loop on the left ndl and then slip it to the right. Quick and easy.

BTW, I also do the M1s that pick up the interim strand. Lots of inc choices and each has its application.


The knitted M1s are not like a yo.