Need some yarn suggestions

I am going to be starting on my Christmas knitting here shortly.

I am stuck, just on one project. I want to knit a scarf in the feather & fan pattern, for a very dear friend. I want to make it extra special with out breaking the piggy bank. She loves all shades of purple. Can anybody make any suggestions? I really like the Andean Silk by knit picks but they don’t have a pretty purple. I would like to use a worsted weight if possible. I heard so much about malabrigo, would that work? Ugghhhh!! So many choices. I don’t have a yarn store around that has a huge selection and my next trip to the big city won’t be for a few weeks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’m making a feather fan pattern scarf in Knitpicks Shadow in Grape Jelly. It’s lace weight, but I’m using size 7 needles. It’s a very lightweight, lacey scarf, not a “keep out the extreme cold” scarf though! I live in Georgia–scarves are just for decoration, no real function!

My husband has the camera with him on a business trip right now, I’ll try to post a picture this weekend for you if you would like.

Malabrigo might be to heavy for a feather and fan scarf. Webs has some reasonably priced yarns that are nice. Stockbridge is a beautiful worsted weight alpaca/wool blend. Check out Elann, as well, they often have gorgeous yarns on sale. I can’t go look or I’ll end up buying something. :teehee:

If you don’t mind synthetics, I made one last year for my mom in Moda Dea Aerie, and it was super-soft. (Just be sure to get the yarn on sale!)

Check out GGH Mystik. Its perfect for a dressy scarf. Its a cotton rayon blend. I love the stuff…

How about ArtYarns Supermerino. It’s warm, soft, machine-washable wool and it comes in several colors that are all shades of purple or include shades of purple. It’s worsted weight.

I actually was working on the same exact same scarf, however it was a different color. I was using size 3 needles. Maybe I was a little too stressed at the time to attempt working with lace weight yarns.

Where my friend lives is in the bay area, the weather gets a little on the chilly side during the winter.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I went ahead and purchased Stockbridge in deep purple from Webs. I can’t believe the price!
I have been eyeing the Artyarns’s supermerino for a while now. Maybe when I make my trip to the big city next month I will have to check it out.

Many of the Noro silk garden colorways have purple in it. I made a scarf for my MIL last Christmas…purple in it without being too purple.

You can find a ton of purple and purple blends here. They’re hand dyed and gorgeous, the prices are reasonable and the woman’s an absolute gem. Ordering info can be found here

I just finished a feather and fan in SWTC Bamboo (colorway is “Purplexed”). click to see WIP
I used size 7 addis, 36 stitches across. although the finished length suits the person I gave it to, if I made this again with this same yarn, I’d use maybe 1/2 of another skein.

good luck :cheering: and post pics! :cheering:

Oh that purple scarf is very purdy! I love the colorways! I might have to knit one for myself! :teehee: