Need some yarn advice

I am going to start a “baby blanket”…newborn…My pattern requires US 11 needle using worsted yarn…I thought about using LB Pound of Love, but the required needle size is 6. I do not want to hold 2 strands tog…any suggestion on a nice “soft” yarn for baby?

The Lion Brand site says that Pound of Love is a Worsted Weight yarn and requires a size 8 needle. Here’s a link to the info I found there: Pound of Love

They have it listed as a medium weight worsted. If that’s the case, I don’t see why you can’t use it.

You can play with needle sizes til you get the drape you want.

Yea, sorry that was a typo on my part…however US8 is way smaller that 11…I know how to “play with needles/yarns” I am asking to keep in gauge…:hug:

I figured that but I was also thinking that if the pattern calls for a worsted with an 11 needle, it has to be a fairly loose and drapey blanket.

You did say the pattern called for Worsted Weight yarn with an 11 needle. Usually and 11 needle is for chunky or bulky yarn. I don’t know if you’d find a worsted with a recommended needle size of 11.

What is the gauge anyway? Are you looking for a worsted yarn or a bulky?

I am currently working on a prayer shawl using Red Heart Soft and size 11 needles. I would never have thought 11’s were the right size for this pattern (Misti Alpaca Ribs and Ruffles - I just left the ruffles off). It’s turning out wonderful - not too holey and very soft and squishy.

You can use the pattern with the pound of love and the size 8 needles, just cast on with about half again as many stitches. If the pattern calls for 120, use 180. Or figure out what the width is, then how many sts you need for the same width on the 8s. If there’s a stitch pattern repeat, the stitch number needs to be that, plus whatever it needs for a border, usually about 3 to 5 on each end.

Thanks Sue…you’re losing me on the stitch pattern sts…

Occasionally I’ll run into a pattern which suggests a larger needle than usual, and as someone upthread said, it’s usually to get the drape or loose texture that the designer is looking for. The disadvantage, my mom would point out, is that itty bitty fingers get caught in loose knitting. I would try it with the 11s and see if you like the way it hangs.

If the pattern is lace or rib or something, that’s a stitch pattern, as opposed to the pattern for the whole thing.

Yea I know what “stitch pattern” is…I will try to “post” the pattern…

Sorry, I thought you were confused about that…

Sure post a couple of rows of the stitch pattern and we can figure out what the repeat is so you know how many sts for casting on. Here’s a pic…gauge is 14sts and 18 rows=4" co 116sts, K rows 1-6 Row7 K4,pm k12pm(yo,K2tog)6 times, pm,K12pm rep from 3 more times,k4
Row8 K4,P12,
(YO,P2tog) 6 times, P12,rep from *3 more times,K4 rows 9 - 22 rep rows 7 and 8 7 times

Alrighty, that looks like your pattern repeat is a multiple of 12 sts, plus the 8 edge sts. So figure out how many stitches wide you need it for the size you want, subtract 8. Adjust that number up or down for a multiple of 12, then add the 8 back on and that’s your cast on number.


I’ve used the Pound of Love yarn! I think you can definitely use a US11 (as called for in the pattern) with this yarn! It would be more critical if this needle and yarn were going to be used for a garment.
But for a blankie, I think you have some wiggle room, as the saying goes! :thumbsup: