Need some WOW baby patterns

I’m all on this kick of challenging myself. And today I just learned that my best friend AND my BIL are both expecting baby girls in January. (2 different families, both due at the same time!)

I’m all excited about knitting baby girl stuff. I LOVE knitting baby stuff, and I love pink! C’mon knitters… hook me up with some FAN-tastic baby girl patterns, pleeeease? Free or to buy, makes no difference!

I get to knit baby girl stuff!! :heart: :heart:

Well, I haven’t looked through it, so I can’t speak for the cuteness of it… but have you seen this book in stores near you?? Maybe it has some cute stuff… :thinking:

Knit Baby Blankets by Gwen Steege has some really unique blankets in it.

What about this little number … and …Hmm … and … It’s not for a newborn, but what’s wrong with preparing? It would look so cute in pink and white. :mrgreen: I’m sure you’ve seen this one… :thinking:

Still looking :wink:

I think these two are the same pattern, but the one on the left looks more inviting.

Thank you for the suggestions!! :cheering:

(i think everyone’s going to get sick of this real soon, but…) get Erika Knight’s Knitting for Two - Lot’s of wonderful little baby patterns (and stuff for mom, but the baby stuff alone is worth it). I’m making the vintage lacy baby bonnet with a big a** bow on either side. in pink of course. very cute!

Zoe Mellor’s “Adorable Knits for Tots” has some reeeally cool fair isle stuff in it, and a great aran hooded cardigan. :smiley: