Need some tension help!

I’m learning how to knit (again) and am doing pretty good but my tension is off only on the first and last stitch in a row. It’s great everywhere else but I’m having a lot of trouble getting these two stitches to the same tension as the rest. Are there any tricks that could help? I wind the yarn over and under my fingers but don’t wrap it around my pinky as I find this makes it very very tight and difficult to work with.

Welcome to KH!
This is a problem the usually goes away with practice. The first and last stitches of a row are never the same size as the center of your knitting (that’s why you don’t include them when you measure a swatch).

If your tension is fine on most of the row, don’t try to adjust it. That’s great to have even tension there. Maybe try to snug up the first and last stitches of the row just a bit and see if it helps.

Otherwise, just keep knitting and these stitches will likely improve. In many cases, they are hidden in a seam. If not, you might try a chain edge: