Need some sweater help

I’m starting with the sleeves and after 5 rows I’m stumped.
The bolded numbers are what I have to use to get a 46" chest. (It’s for my hubby) Here’s the instructions…

Begin with 42 sts. Note: Work all inc in pat. Beg chart at st 1 ([B]10[/B],10,9) work to st 10, rep chart from 1-10 across for pat, ending with st 10 ([B]1[/B],1,2).

The chart is as follows: p 5 k 5, repeat to end of row. Next row: k5 p5 repeat to end of row. After 6 rows I’m to switch the pattern so I get these nice little boxes of knit and purl. I’m to do this for 18 rows.

I’m fine with the chart, but what I’m doing is this: I knit for the first 9 sts, then start the pattern on st 10 as it tells me too and I repeated the st pattern as far as I could go, but instead of ending with st 1, I’m left with 3 sts at the end of the row.

What am I doing wrong? I thank you in advance for your help.

It won’t work. The pattern sts are a multiple of 10, you have 9 sts before it, and 1 after it, which adds up to another 10. 42 isn’t evenly divisible by 10 so there you are with an extra 2 sts.

If you have a link to the pattern, there may be something you’re missing that we can look at. Such as - does the size you’re doing really begin with 42 sts, or there could be some corrections somewhere.

I knew I wasn’t crazy!! :cheering:

As for a link, there’s none that I know of. And I did look online at Sixth& (that’s the publisher) for any corrections and there wasn’t any for this particular sweater. I tried looking online too and nothing came up. Unless you’re aware of a corrections website that you could share…the book is Family Circle Easy Sweaters 50 knit & crochet projects. I’m doing the Stitch Mix sweater on pg 114.

The sleeves are knit separately too. It says to cast on 40 sts, work 5 rows of garter st inc 2 sts evenly across last row 40 ([B]42[/B], 42, 44) sts. then change to larger needles and then it goes from there what I wrote in the first question.

Well, I guess if you know of any website that lists corrections, that’ll be my last avenue. I appreciate you’re help. :slight_smile:

It seems like since the pattern is over 10 stitches and you have 42 you should knit one stitch and then start the pattern at stitch one. At the other end you will have one extra stitch as well but that won’t hurt anything.

Are you going to be increasing as you go up the sleeve? If so, I’d just keep the pattern going as you can see how it needs to and add any extra stitches added as st st until you have enough to do another set of the 5 stitches in pattern. Or if the pattern starts with 5 knits work the extra stitches all in purls (including the very first ones p1, pattern 40, p1). When you get 5 purls then start adding knits until you have 5. Kind of play it by ear about which stitches you need along the sides to keep the pattern going the best looking way.

Yes, I will be increasing as I go up the arm.

Cont working charts and inc 1 st at each end on 5th row and every foll 4th row until there are 54 sts, then every foll 6th row until there are 72 sts.

Are the sleeves knit in the round or flat? If flat the extra stitch either side is probably going to be eaten by the seams.

Yeah, they may want you to knit a selvedge/seam stitch on each end of the rows. That would take care of the extra 2 sts very nicely. So on the RS row, k1, then start the k5, p5 pattern and end with k 1. On the WS row, p1, then knit the pattern sts and end with p1.

:passedout: Dear Freakin’ God!!! So I’ve started on the sleeve, ignoring where they said to start the pattern and I’ve made it to row 33, at least 6 times. I’ve had to frog this damn thing[I] at least[/I] 6 times. I’m so beyond frustrated I’m ready to burn this thing and find another one! And yes, I walked away from it last night because I was driving myself crazy thinking I was reading the chart wrong. I’m wasn’t. I made it this far pretty easily, then it has me change the pattern so, fine, I try this and after 3 rows I’m noticing that the bottom of the pattern is slanting to the right instead of the left. It’s basically this shape < but how I’m reading and doing the chart it’s ending up like this >. Yes, I’m sure I could make it work this way, but I’m not confident enough to try that on my own. Plus, having to increase every 6th row now is somehow throwing off the st pattern by the 3rd row. (Which in reality is the 33rd row) Oy vey. :pout:

Thank you, I just needed to vent. :aww:

When you inc on the edges for the sleeves, don’t start the stitches the same way every new row. As an example (:using k3, p3, the knits are v, the purls are -) Your pattern looks like this
vvv—vvv—vvv then when you inc it changes to this (x is the new st)
xvvv—vvv—vvvx so you have to follow the pattern and then you get
-vvv—vvv—vvv- and the next inc will add a stitch to each end also
So with each new st, you need to work it how it would lie in the pattern.