Need some serious help following a pattern Extremely confuse

Hey im a fairly new knitter and can follow patterns pretty well, with the help of " The idiot guide to kniiting of course. Im stiuck on this one pattern and as much as i try to understand it i cant.
Im making these baby booties.

Row1:K10,slip sts just wokred onto st holder, K9, slip last 10 sts onto second st holder: 9st

Rows 2-20: work in stockinette stitch for 19 rows.

Slip sts onto third st holder:cut yarn

Im ok with these but the next part is where i get confused, i mean really CONFUSED.

Row 1: With RIGHT side facing, slip 10 sts from first st holder onto empty needle, pick up 9 sts evenly spaced along right side of Instep, slip 9 sts from instep st holder onto empty neddle and knit across, pick up 9 sts evenly spaced along left side of Instep, slip 10 sts from last st holder onto empty needle and knit across: 47 sts.

Rows 2-10 workin stockinette sitch for 9 rows.

Hopefully someone can explain this better
Thanks Jessy
:?? [/quote]

We need to know exactly what you are confused about. What is the part you don’t understand…

I have done a pattern similar to this before and really, if you follow the directions exactly, it will work out. It will seem akward for a bit but it does work properly.

one thing you might want to do though, is instead of slipping onto a stitch holder, use a piece of scrap yarn instead. Sometimes those stitch holders can make the work difficult to hold when you are working on something so small! :wall:

I keep telling people that knitting isn’t hard; reading knitting patterns is hard!

With right side (as opposed to the wrong side) facing means the side of the piece you are knitting that will be on the outside of what you are making. Since you are knitting in stockinette stitch that will be the side with all of the little V’s. So the V’s should be facing you, and the knitted side (the side with the little bumps) should be facing away from you.

Then slipping the stitches from the holder onto the needle is pretty self-explanitory; don’t knit the stitches but just slip them onto the needle. Then you need to pick up stitches; to learn how to do this watch the video under the basic techniques section of this website; it explains what to do better then I ever could.

The stitches you pick up will be on the needle with the 9 stitches from your stitch holder. The yarn will be in such a position that you can knit the 9 stitches from the other stitch holder. Then you will pick up 9 more stitches and slip 10 more stitches from your stitch holder onto your needle. By the time you are done with all this you will have 47 stitches.

I hope this is helpful to you! Good luck!

So the V’s should be facing you, and the knitted side (the side with the little bumps) should be facing away from you.

You either meant the wrong side or the purled side, I think… The knitted side has the Vs and is the right side.


Sorry; I have knitting dyslexia. :doh:


i think this could be better written:

Rows 2-20 working in stockinette stich.

or even:

Row 2 work in stockinette stitch repeat for 19 rows.

basically it says after the first row where you do the stuff with stitch holders, do 19 rows of stockinette stitch.

hope that makes some sense.

Thanks to all that replied I finally figured it out. I didnt know, that when it said to pick up stitches that it was on the side(vertical) of the instep , not horizontal. I feel so dumb now that I know what it means, but u live and learn.