need some quick help

hi guys i am trying to get a sweater made (all honesty i cant knit or anything remotely similar) so i just needed to know if this sweater is even possible. it is the sweater worn by mike Myers in the 2003 cat in the hat movie and i was planning on paying someone to make it for me but i thought that i should find out if it is even possible to make. thanks for all the help - nate :smile:


Itโ€™s certainly possible, would take a lot of work and planning (gauge swatches and charting the colour changes etc) but it is doable. If you find a photo of the back, too, it would be even better, unless youโ€™re ok with the knitter taking some creative liberties there.


thank you very much

This type of sweater is pretty advanced. I suggest learning on something simpler then tackle intarsia on small piece of work so you understand the mechanics first.


its so sweet . is q vintage so make a step