Need some quick advice!

I am taking my oldest daughter out this evening to pic k out some yarn. She has a Pooh blanket that I bought for her when I found out I was pregnant, and she came to me hysterical this morning because it has become threadbare. :frowning: I asked her if she wanted to get a new one like it, and she just cried and said no. Then I asked her if she wanted mommy to knit her one, and she was super excited. SO, it looks like I am going to be knitting up a cute little blanket for her.

Here is the catch…I am sick to death of knitting with cotton fleece, so I am thinking of using wool. Do you think it is a bad idea to use wool for kids blankets?

Nope… it’ll be wonderful. Just get something in a superwash so you can machine wash and dry it. Actually, I think Encore would be a great choice. It’s washable and is only part wool. It’s super soft too!

See, that’s the thing. I need to get this yarn pronto, and all the superwash at my LYS is alot pricier than the regular Lamb’s Pride. PLUS, I have a boatload of orange Lamb’s Pride, so all I would need to do is get some purple and we would be good to go. She’s 4, so doesn’t get things as dirty as she used to. :??

do they have the plymouth encore at your LYS? i agree it is nice stuff and it doesn’t cost any more at my LYS than the lambs pride does, in fact may be less.

if you use lambs pride you will just have to work harder at cleaning it because you can’t really wash and dry the way you could a superwash. i think it is just going to depend on the threshold you two have for the blanket getting dirty and how clean you can get it in cold water.

You guys are right, wool is out. They have encore at my LYS, but if I am goign to get that I may as well get Caron Simply Soft. I have a feeling this is going to turn into quite the outing tonight with me and my daughter. :lol:

aww i think it will be fun as long as she isn’t tired to that melt down point! how fun letting her pick out her own special colors on her own special blanket!

of course if she is at that melt down point well…that would be a whole different thing! :shock:

either way have fun! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

mmmmm caron simply soft is soooooo soft. I love it.

They (well, we) had a 3 hour nap this afternoon, so I think we are ready for some yarn shopping. I actually took both my kids on a yarn crawl not too long ago…and lived to tell about it!

lol…i think it sounds like a GREAT activity. sounds like a kodak type moment ya know! :wink:

:shock: ohh I’m not brave enough to take my two with me everything is right at their level and with Roo well… I hope she finds something she likes!! When I do the sweater class its gonna be for my little boy and he is gonna pick out the colors lol I told the teacher get ready for the brightest orange and green you have!! :smiley: