Need some prayers-brief update pg 5

Hi all,
Wow, seems like I have been doing a lot of venting here. But you guys are so good at giving support, that I need to vent again.

Last month during my annual visit to the GYN, she discovered a lump in my right breast. It was unusual because I myself had not felt it, but there it was. She immediately said, “Don’t get panicky. It’s most likely a cyst or something glandular”. So she ordered an ultrasound and a mammogram to be done. I just had them both done today and I am so nervous about the results. I don’t know what to do.

I had a large lump removed from my left breast 12 years ago and it turned out to be a firboadonema. I wasn’t too worried back then, but I’m worried now because I’m 33 years old and never had any children (not by choice). I didn’t have any pain or discomfort nor did I have any discharge so that has me a little calm. But I’m so afraid that they will say it’s cancer. I should have the results by the end of the week.

So to my knitting and crochet friends, please pray for me.

Don’t worry yet! It’s probably the same thing you had last time. I will gladly pray for you, but you won’t need it, you are going to be just FINE!!!

Take a deep breath, have a nice hot cup of tea and relax. It’s in God’s hands now!

:hug: I’ll be praying for you.

Praying for you.

I don’t know if this helps, but when I had my mamagram, they found something suspicious, and they ordered an ultrasound. It turned out to be just a cyst. I’m praying the same will be true for you.


I’ll be praying…

Been there, done that! I was 34, my mom has had BC and I’ve been getting mammos since I was 30 due to family history. I went in for my yearly mammo, got called back, got called back again for more mammos and an ultrasound and was sent home to see a breast surgeon with a radiography assessment of “highly suspicious for malignancy” that was actually written on my form. My husband took off for a business meeting out of state and I spent the next week figuring I was in for a long haul. I got the biopsy and the next day the surgeon called and told me it was a fibroadenoma. I’m 40 now and everytime I go in for my mammo they find that stupid thing. It’s entangled in a bunch of arteries and glands under my arm so they won’t take it out. For what it’s worth, if you’ve had one, you more than likely will get more. Also, once they are removed they can regrow.
I’ll be sending some positive vibes your way, I know how you feel. Keep us posted, please. :hug:



I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for the best :hug:

Happy thoughts and hugs your way!

:hug: :heart: :hug:

:pray: When I go up my stairs to go to bed, I will look out the window and wish on a star for you…


:hug: prayers are on their way.

Praying for good news and peace for you. :hug:

OK, one more thing to let you know. When they found something on me they let me know right away and things moved really fast. People started calling me immediately, doctors came in and talked to me instead of techs, etc. A biopsy was scheduled that day for about four days later.
I guess I’m trying to say that at least in my case, it appeared that the more suspicious they were of the lump the more apt they were to get moving. If you haven’t heard something by now, I’d start to relax a little, somebody would have seen that ultrasound by now and called if they found anything suspicious I would think. :hug:



Sending positive thoughts your way.


Prayers going up for you. And try not to worry. I have a condition in which I have lumps all through my breast tissue so a self exam doesn’t do me too much good (still do it tho’). Most lumps are benign, and by having exams regularly you have already improved you chances dramatically—good for you BTW.

How to do a Breast Self Exam–this is for anyone reading who isn’t sure how to do this. It takes all of 5 minutes each month and could save your life…and please teach this to your Moms and sisters and daughters.Especially if you are a woman of color–for some reason breast disorders hit African American women harder than other women.

Do this once a month, when you’re in the shower (you’re body will be nice and relaxed and your hands will be warm :thumbsup: ). Starting at your nipple, rub your fingertips in small circles, gradually working all the way around the nipple and then outward, so that you gradually work in a spiral outward from the nipple. Work around and around till you’ve covered the entire breast, then work your fingers up from the top outer portion of the breast up under the armpit (there’s a section of breast tissue extending up thataway). Also, gently feel along the inner side of your upper arm and between the breast and the collarbone, and all along the sternum—there are lymph nodes in these areas which can become swollen if there is a problem in the breast.

So far I have not heard back from my GYN about the results of my mammogram/ultrasound. The wait is driving me crazy! I would think that if it was something suspicious, I would have been contacted by now. I’m so anxious about what might be said. :pout: :pout: :pout:

Thank you all for your support. As soon as I hear anything I will definitely post the news here.:hug: :hug: