Need some pattern help on this one

I am making this beautiful cable down raglan and am having a little trouble with the directions. I just finished the neck and and am stuck right here where it says “Cont in pattern as established.” Do they mean start on line 2 of the graph? I already worked line one as I was establishing the cable pattern. Does that make sense?
Below is where I am at:

[B]“Inc rnd: [/B]cont in patt as established, knit into front and back of first st., work to 1 st before next marker, k1f&b, sl m, k1f&b 3 times, work to 1 st before next marker, k1f&b-8 sts inc’d.”

If the next row of the chart is row 2, then yes. When a pattern says "continue in pattern as established, … ", they want you to continue with what you’ve already been doing, but also add these extra steps…