Need some opinions about felted purses

Hey all,

My mother in law really liked a purse that I made for my niece and has now requested that I make her a ‘fall’ purse. I’m a little stymied because this is the first request I’ve ever taken, so I’m having a hard time narrowing down which pattern I’d like to use. I know that I want to make a felted purse, and I know that I’ll have multiple colors (brown, ivory, coral and green). The pattern doesn’t have to be perfect, because I feel fairly comfortable making minor modifications to patterns.

Anyways, I was wondering if people could give me their opinions on any of these bags? Have you made any of them and have they been comfortable to use and carry? Any suggestions of other purses are very welcome as well.

At the moment I am leaning towards the French Market Bag because my MIL liked my niece’s Lopi Tote, and they are somewhat similar in shape. However, the French Market Bag could probably be carried over the shoulder.

Anyways, patterns I was thinking of:

Lopi Tote - I think this is very cute, but the small handles might make it annoying to carry.

French Market Bag- I think I would need to make this a little deeper? I think it’s really cute but I worry it would come open all the time. Also, I might need to make the straps a little longer?

Two Measures of Joy Bag- I would use a different motif instead of the music theme

Mitered Stripes Tote

Squatty Sidekick- I think this one is also super cute, but I might need to make it a little bigger?

I’ve never made any of those, but like them all. Well, I think the squatty one is my lest favorite. How about the French Market Bag you like, make the handle a little bit longer to wear on shoulder, and incorproprate a closer tab like the squatty one.

Thanks Mirl - I like the idea of adding a closure to the french market bag - I’m trying to make a ‘miniaturized’ version of what I have in mind to see how the shape will turn out.

HMMM - guess it all depends on what she likes. Personally I LOVE the Lopi Tote and am thinking about casting on for a mini lopi tote as soon as I get 2 seconds
Personally do not consider the Market Bag a purse, but more of a tote to take my knitting somewhere or as a day bag if I am going to visit someone and need to take a few things along.
In the whatch knitting section someone just make a Sophie bag that looks pretty awesome - I am no good at linking things but the knitter has the pattern linked in her post.

Vaknitter - Yeah, I think the Lopi tote is adorable, I was just afraid that she wouldn’t enjoy carrying it, since I prefer to carry my purse over my shoulder instead of having to hold it in my hand all the time.

That Sophie bag is super cute as well - I’m definitely adding it to the list!

You could make the lopi bag, and when you cast on to make the handle, cast on enough stitches to make the handle long enough to be a shoulder bag. Then you just knit around for 3 - 5 rows, however thick you want the handle.

You can add a tab like the squatty bag to close up the top some, or even a short I-cord loop and fancy button closure.

I personally prefer a shoulder bag to a clutch so I like the mitered and the music tote but you could always add longer strap to anything esle, depending on the preference of your MIL.


bambi - Yeah, I definitely prefer shoulder straps as well.

Okay, here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I sort of combined the patterns for the french market, lopi and squatty sidekick and put what I wanted into the pattern. This is a miniature (half as many sittches in every dimension) version:

The base of the bag has a 3:2 ratio like the lopi tote, but the handles are taken from the French Market bag (although I did the decreases less quickly). Then I basically copied the closure directly from the squatty sidekick. It was really fun to ‘make up’ or combine everything to form my own pattern like this, but I’m not 100% about the looks.

Any and all comments are very appreciated. The body of this bag is 5" high by 7" wide by 4ish" deep. The handles are 7" high. I’m a little worried about the proportions of the handles relative to the rest of the bag (they seem a bit long). Thanks!

I have always liked the French Market Bag but think it could be deeper. I personally like the short straps, but longer ones would be nice, too.

Wow! I really like it. :inlove:


I like it, too! turned out very pretty!!

Thanks so much guys! I think I’ll try to make version two a little deeper - I always underestimate how much stuff is going to shrink vertically after felting.

Now I just have to pick out my pattern for the sides…