Need some math help

Howdy! Wow, it’s been a while since I was here, I like what you’ve done with the place! I love the red!!

Anyway, I won’t keep you, but I need some math help because my brain is FRIED!!! I want to make this hat:

but the yarn my DD picked out is 6 sts/in. This pattern gives hat circumference measurements but not head measurements. My DD’s head is 20" and I’m going to do a k1p2 turned up bottom, instead of the 2" of ribbing. How many sts should I cast on??? I was looking at the 5.5 sts chart and thinking of the 17" hat??? Is this right?


A hat circumference tends to be an inch or two less than an actual head measurement. Since you’re going to turn up the ribbing like a cuff, then subtract an inch.

I’m so sorry to still be so dense,…but if I go from 5.5 sts/" to 6sts/" then I need to subtract another inch or so, right? So about 3 inches less??

No, you don’t need to go down 3" from the head measurement, just one, for this pattern. Just multiply your sts/inch times her head measurement less one inch and that’s how many stitches you need.

Thanks so much!! You’re the greatest! I’m getting started today!!