Need some inspiration

Hi all. I’ve been a little MIA in the knitting world lately. Haven’t made too much other than dishcloths and an owl. I’ve just been going along in my projects, still learning. But I’m coming to this mental block of what I’d like to make/learn. Sort of like a brick wall :argh:

I haven’t gone to my class inabout 2 weeks (things have been busy) and I just don’t know what I want to make. I’ve thought about a hat, but it does nothing for me. I thought, well maybe a tank/sweater. Then I was thinking socks. But none of those I’ve tried before. I know it’s not anything to be afraid of (I did gloves, it wasn’t too bag).

Could anyone give me some suggestions? I’m still a relative newbie in knitting, but I want somewhat of a challenge too (but not so much that I’m going to want to quit!)

Thanks so much! :muah:

How about trying a tank top. It’s great for the summer weather and you only have to make 2 pieces - front & back. For me, it’s easy to get motivated to make something when I think about how good it will look on me. Good luck!

You ARE alive! :cheering: :teehee:

Hmm… If you want to make something for you a tank top/shell is a good idea. If you want to practice something new you could always make a baby sweater or something like that.

I’d vote for socks, but knitting socks is my solution to everything. lol
I know the feeling of the knitting mental block, and socks are what got me out of it. Good luck :smiley:

These bags might be fun. I just printed out the pattern. Cute, easy, cheap, and perfect for summer. Plus you’d be done with it by next week if not sooner!

I was going to suggest a bag as well…maybe the popular booga bag.

It’s an easy knit, but it gives you practice at knitting in the round and picking up stitches. You also learn how to make an i-cord and how to felt. Plus, it’s practical.

Thanks for the ideas! I just made the booga bag a few weeks ago, so another bag is somewhat out of the question. I’m thinking an easy tank/shell, or maybe a 1/2 sweater/shurg.

I’m just feeling a little :shrug: about what I want to make.


Didn’t even look at your signature!

How about a bathroom rug? Mason Dixon has some really cute ones. Or what about a Christmas stocking? Yes, I know it’s early for that, but I found some really cute patterns!

How bout this?

The Shapely Tank

It’s really kinda easy, you just have to learn how to do short row shaping (that’s the challenge part to keep it interesting.)

I’m doing one (it’s on hold now til I finish a baby sweater and a birthday shawl for my best friend) but I’m enjoying the process of knitting it. I have frogged a few times but even still I am going to persevere and get it done.


I still have no clue what I’m going to do…but class is tonight. I’ll let you all know what I started! Thanks for all the thoughts!:muah:

I’m making socks :cheering: I was going to make slippers, but couldn’t justify the price with the materials I’d need (be over $45.00) so, since I’m quite broke, I thought I’ll make socks

Good for you! Are you doing them as part of your class or using Silver’s Tutorial?