Need some help

Hi i’m also new to knitting and was wondering if someone might be able to help me explain sometime i’m stumped with.

  • the bold text is the part i’m very confused about
    " ROW 3: P2, sl 4 WYIB, dropping extra 4 wraps; return these to LH needle, [B]pass the last 2 sts slipped over the first 2 and k them in this crossed position[/B], p2 "

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.
This might be the Aidez pattern (appropriately named) but at any rate the cable cross occurs in this one.

When you slip the 4 sts with double loops over to the right hand needle, drop the extra loops. It’ll leave you with 4 extra long sts on the right hand needle (from the tip: sts 4,3,2,1). Now slip the 4 sts back to the left hand needle (4,3,2,1 then the tip). Pass sts 3 and 4 over sts 2 and 1 and then knit each one. The extra yarn made from dropping the double wrap gives you the looseness to do this.

Oh i see after i have passed the sts 3, 4 my knit stitch will begin on the LH needle at sts 2,1,3,4 tip … i think this is what you are suggesting :slight_smile:

yes that is the exact pattern i am making haha must be a popular one :slight_smile: