Need some help with this doggie sweater

I’m working on this pattern for a custom fit doggie sweater, and I’m confused about how to execute this part. At this point, I’ve done the neck and gotten through most of the yoke, and I’m close to where I have to cast off the stitches for the front leg-holes. The part where I get confused is just after the cast off for the leg-holes.


This next section can be worked as back and forth as two separate sections (back and underside) or with steeks over the leg openings – your choice.

Working either in rows or rounds, continue in pattern over the back and underside sections for a length equal to the front leg’s width (measurement 4c). It doesn’t hurt to knit a couple extra rows/rounds for ease.

I’m not even going to bother asking about steeks, so I’m planning on working each section in rows separately. However, since I’ve been working in the round, the beginning of the round is right in the middle of the underside. So how would I work this section in rows if the beginning of the row would already be in the middle? :??

You could just knit the underside from the beginning of round to the leg opening and then turn and purl back to the other leg opening. Then continue knitting back and forth in the flat. When the leg opening is long enough, leave those sts and work the back sts back and forth until the back measures the same as the underside. (If you want, both of these sections can be worked at the same time by attaching a second ball of yarn.)

:doh: Of course! How simple is that! Sometimes I just have to have things spelled out for me. :teehee: Thanks!

There’s going to be a slight jog at the center of round but since it’s the underside of the coat, I don’t think it will be noticeable.

Just thought of another probably dumb question… When I finish the underside, how would I move on to the back side if the working yarn is coming from the underside? Would I have to cut the yarn and rejoin at the back piece?

You can just start knitting from where you are to where you need to be. If one section has one more row than the others it really won’t be noticeable when it’s all done, that’ll only be about 1/6".

Yes, you’ll cut the yarn and start using that strand for the back of the sweater.
If you want to knit the underside and the back at the same time, you would use the woking yarn for the underside and attach a new end of yarn for the back. That would be somewhat like working two sleeves or two cardigan fronts at the same time and it would help keep the two sides even. When it comes time to join the two back together, continue with only one of the working yarns.