Need some help with the yb and yf

okay, this is new to me and i don’t really know what it means let alone how to do it. I’m knitting a second pair of socks for my kid and well I have come to this problem. it says

P3,yb,sl1 as to pear,yf: and repeat.

Now I know that p3 is pearl 3 : but I don’t know what to do with the yarnback and the yarn forward. it’s not the same as yarn over so I’m like totally confused!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE SHOW ME HOW TO DO THIS. :pray::think:

First you purl three - as you know, when you purl – your yarn is held to the front of the work.
Then, you move the yarn to the back of the work.
Then slip 1 stitch.
Next, bring the yarn back to the front of the work, so that you can do the next purl 3.

… Basically, by bringing the yarn to the back of the work before you slip a stitch, you will avoid having a horizontal bar from the carried yarn on the front of the work.

Does that make more sense?

thank you so so so much this helps alot. ty ty ty.