Need some help with reading a pattern

This is where I get confused. The pattern reads;
K1, (k2tog, k6) 6 times, k2tog k7 - 51sts. Purl 1 row.
Ok…I understand to knit one, then knit together 2, then knit 6, but what does 6 times mean? then knit together 2, knit 7 and the row should equal 51 sts? I’m really confused on the 6 times.
thank you for your help in this!

Hi Beth,
You do the part in the parentheses six times. (k2tog, k6), repeated, a total of six times in a row.
Hope that helps,

Thank you Amy…
And I got the Cd in the mail today! Yippee!!!
Thanks again,
I love this site!
Beth :smiley: