Need some help with changing a cable

It’s been a long week, and I am having trouble figuring this out, so if one of you experts out there could help me out, I would really appreciate it!

I am casting on for Trellis from Knitty. The only thing that I don’t like about the pattern is that the cables are not symmetrical. So what I need help with is adjusting Chart A so that I can reverse the direction the cables twist on one of the fronts and on one of the repeats of the chart on the back.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

I want to double check that I understand what you mean…you don’t want the cables to be exactly the same on each side you want them to be opposite, If you folded the sweater in half each cable would line up with the corresponding one?

I think to do this all you need to do is replace the cables on one side of the pattern with the opposite cable. For example, if the first small cable on the sweater, the one on the left furthest from center back, calls for a right cable you would do a left cable. Same for the larger trellis cable and the smaller one closest to center back. Knit the middle and the right back as written.

Does that make sense?

Yep, that’s what I meant, and what you say makes sense. The trouble I’m having is mainly with the center cable because it’s a little more complex than most cables. The instructions for that one are:

5 st right cable
Sl 3 st to cable needle, hold to back, K2, sl last P st from CN to left needle and knit it, K2 from CN.

I am just having trouble with wrapping my head around how to reverse that one.

The twists at the outside I think I’ve got.


That’s a tough one. Are you talking about the strip that runs up the center back? Experiment with switching the cable each repeat. For example, first time you do the cable row do a right cable then the next time do a left one. Let me know how it goes!

I actually saw on Ravelry someone who had mirrored the cables on this pattern, so I messaged her. I just got a PM back and she suggested doing it one of two ways:

Slip 2 stitches to the CN, hold in front, K2, p1, then K2 from the CN


Sl 3 to the CN, K2, P1 from CN, K2 from CN.

I think I will try the first one and see how it looks, and then give the 2nd one a go if I don’t like it. I was almost to row 9 but I ended up frogging because I wasn’t happy with how the stitches looked. I am going to go up a needle size and make a different size so it will still be close enough to the right size. (It’s a baby sweater, the kid will grow into it. ;)) Thanks for helping me think this through! :thumbsup:

ETA: Oh and, yeah, I was talking about the five stitches in the very center of the chart.