Need some help, very confused!

I’m stuck on something, and could use some help, please.
I’m trying to knit a symbol into my work, have it graphed, but can’t get it started. I would like it to be a stockinette background, with a fish outline
on it.I knit a row, purl a row for the stockinette background, but, when I get to the point to make the fish, what do I do? Do I do the exact opposite,
such as, on a background stockinette row, on, say, a knit row, when I come to the fish , do I PURL those sts, and then, on the next row, do I knit those stitches?

I’m so confused! :??


:thumbsup: I think your right…You would want to purl the pattern on the RS so it would stand out…

Yes, reverse stockinette means doing the opposite of the bg sts. So if on a K row, the design is worked in P sts.