Need some help from sock knitters please

I just LOVE MagKnits’ “Rainy Day Socks”, and I’ve been itching to try them. The pattern says to use a DK yarn; they used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I’d like to sub yarns using KnitPicks Bare Superwash DK (because I have a balance remaining from a gift certificate from them), and I’m wondering if the gauges are close enough to sub. Stitch-wise, I think so–Cashmerino is 24 sts/4" and KnitPicks is 22 sts/4"–but Cashmerino is on size 3 (3.25mm) and KnitPicks is on size 5 (3.75mm). It’s only a 0.5mm difference in needles…is that enough to make a difference? The socks are knit on size 4 (3.5mm) needles anyway, so what do you think? I’m a tight knitter, so I may be using size 5 or 6 needles anyway once I start the pattern.

Also, do I need to buy two skeins of the KnitPicks Bare? The pattern calls for two skeins of Cashmerino which comes in 137 yard balls (274 yards), and the Bare comes in 246 yards hanks. I’d hate to buy 2 hanks of the Bare and have tons left over, or to not even touch the second hank. Will I really need all 274 yards?

I know some of you have made these socks, so do you have any helpful hints/advice? I’ve made one top-down sock, so I have a very small knowledge of how the whole sock thing goes…I’d be doing it the “old fashioned way” with DPN’s because I just can’t understand how to do them on one long circular or two circulars (I’m one of those people that needs to see things done in person to “get” it), though I wish I could make two at once so I could be done faster and have instant wearability! :wink:

I haven’t made these or any socks, but as to gauge, you want to match the pattern gauge anyway, so try out the Bare on the size 4s and see how close you are and go up or down in needle size if it’s not quite right. I don’t know how much of the recommended yarn is needed, you may have to make the leg a touch shorter, but it could come out alright.

I think, this is a swatch test situation!

Either way, by experience, the average pair of socks are about 100 grms. I should think as long as you have about 100 grms either way, you should be fine. Whether on DK weight, or Sock yarn, that amount has always suited me just right.

DPNs versus circulars?? Well…That I think just boils down to personal taste. I have taken a liking to 5 dpns. I have watched the magic loop vids and understand them ok…but haven’t tried it yet…

good luck

i have made these socks and agree with the others about doing a gauge swatch. i made these with the recommended yarn and needle size and they fit really well. as for the yardage…if i remember correctly i used pretty much all of the two skeins. i think i messed up a couple of times with the picot-edging (which i ended up ditching anyway) and threw that yarn away though. i like to start socks with new skeins anyway because i don’t like to worry about weaving in too many ends on my socks.

Oh yeah, you could skip the picot edging, that might save a few yards.