Need some help adjusting a bootie pattern


I’ll post over in “introduce yourself” but, in the meantime, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Carolyn and I’m new to the forums although I’ve been using videos for six months (and should be credited with all but my most basic skills as a knitter…thank you!!)

I’ve only been knitting for a year; gave everyone in my family garter stitch scarves for Christmas last year, and have been exploring new skills as it seems all of my friends decided to have babies this year. I’ve tried the baby sock pattern here on the site, but I really wanted to also create booties (however impractical they are…cute is cute) to match a hat pattern I found, love, and have completed. Here it is:

So, I found these booties which have a similar, although not exact, lace pattern to go with the hat. Here’s the pattern:

I finished one lace bootie and then, when binding it off, ran into my problem. It binds off at the top of the bootie (around the baby calf, I suppose) and the bind off I was using had absolutely zero give or stretch to it. It felt terribly tight and, while that might come in handy for keeping the booties on, it might present a problem with getting the booties on. And what if the baby has freakishly big feet or calves? You never know.

In all seriousness, I’m looking for either a better bind-off, or another way to finish this bootie that will give me (or rather, the mothers) a little more stretch to the top of these booties.

Any suggestions?

Try binding off with needles several sizes larger than you were using for main part. It will give a looser edge.

Cast off loosely, you may need a bigger needle to make it easier, or use a stretchy cast off, you can find all these kinds of stitches just by googling. Also remember this site has a search function!

I like tubular for ribbing, or check out the easy EZ sewn castoff.

A picot bind off is stretchier, too, and decorative. Just google it and you’ll come up with directions for it.