Need some hat help please

A while back I asked for help with the Koolhaas hat for my daughter, she did not like it all that much(:??). So I frogged it back the ribbing and kept knitting, a few rows up I moved the ribbing over one row and kept going. I did that for the entire hat and now I need to do the decreases. I am just not sure what one to do, I would like the decrease that kinda looks like a star swirling. I found one but the hat here ( is c/o with 90 and I c/o with 104, anyone think it would work?

Here is a pic of it so far

So, what do you all think?

The way to make a top like that is have the stitch count divisible by a number that’s going to work for the entire hat. In the 90-stitch hat, the starting count was 15 (k13, k2tog); For a hat with 104 stitches, you could add a stitch on the final row you work before you start the decreases to get to 105 and start your decreases with k13, k2tog. The top will be higher with the extra decreases rows, though.