Need some expert guidace please

Hi, as I have previously mentioned, I am having some problems getting the gauge for a guayavera shirt featured in this summer’s Knit.1 issue. I have the recommended yarn but I think there is a problem with the pattern. I had this expert knitter at my lys check my gauge and I’m coming up with 20 stitches to 4" on a no.9 needles instead of 16 st. to 4" on a #7 needles as recommended. This is also creating a very loose knit, very see-through with too many holes. Someone here recommended I should change the pattern so I am willing to do this but I am going to need some expertly advise. I think I can get the fabric to measure up by adding about 8 stitches, my problem is when I get to the sleeves. It would be like making a medium shirt into a large without having the isntructions to the large. Or hould I just wait for the errata, if there is ever any? I was hoping to have this shirt done by xmas. Is this possible? TIA!

Use size 7s or 8s, whichever needle produces the fabric you like. Figure out your gauge on them, and multiply the stitches per inch times how many inches you need. That will give you a number for the chest size you need to aim for. For the sleeves, do the same thing. Measure the wrist and figure how many you need to cast on. You’ll also need the measurement for his arm at the armpit area to know how many to increase to. What kind of sleeves are they, set in or drop shoulder? You’ll make the armholes by measurement usually, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Sue, thank you so much. After reading your post I looked up in one of my books and it tells me that the sleeves are “Angled armhole with angular sleeve cap” It sort of looks like a set-it but the bottom part slopes down instead of a right angle.

I’ve measured hubby and will try to follow your instructions and see if this helps. Thanks again!