Need some designing advice please

I’m making a blanket for my toddler out of “the dreaded ‘H’ yarn” (Lion Brand’s Homespun yarn, that is! :teehee: ), and I need some ideas on how to finish it. I decided to sew individual blocks and seam them together somehow, because by doing the blanket in chunks, it would go quicker. They’re just going to be basic garter stitch square blocks because I know this blanket is going to get lots of “love” (you know, dragging around on the ground everywhere, food spilled on it, drooled on, etc.!)

When I join them together, should I use a contrasting yarn, or should I go with the same color? I thought a contrasting yarn might be cute for her, but maybe not? :shrug: I don’t know if my picture shows it well enough, but the yarn I picked has so many colors blended into the base color of purple–teal, gold, fuschia…I was looking at Homespun’s “Fuschia” color for a possible contrast.

Okay, now for the second question–how to join the blocks together? Should I seam them together invisibly, or maybe join them using a single crochet? I’m tempted to do the single crochet because I’m not sure my seaming will be all that great, but I’m not sure how it would turn out single crocheted together.

Lastly, any ideas if I should do some type of creative edging around the whole perimeter of the blanket? I suppose if I seamed using a contrast color, then I should probably consider doing the perimeter of the blanket in the same matching color, right?

Sorry if these are basic questions, but I didn’t want to spend money on yarn that might look dorky the way I put it together. :oops: :teehee:

I like the single crochet idea, and if you do it with a contrasting color, then you can just do a sc around the edges as well.

My brother wanted to buy me yarn for christmas, and he didn’t know anything about yarn, so he bought me two skeins of homespun, in two different colors. :doh: However, since he is a muggle who went out and bought yarn, I am showing my appreciation and I’m planning on knitting a lapghan out of it. I figured I would just cast on 40 and knit until I run out of yarn, then seam the panels together using mattress stitch or something.

I second this! Fucsia would be cute with that!

What a nice sister (and a good sport!) you are! I didn’t want to put all this fancy stitching and stuff into the blanket because first of all, it’s boucle yarn, and you’re not going to see much difference between stitches (I know that from experience). Secondly, I just wanted to knit up something fast so she stops stealing my shawl :teehee: and something that would be durable and last, and something that I won’t necessarily cringe if/when it gets “toddler-ized”.

Thanks for your help guys! :hug: