Need some creative help

So I have been making these scarves for friends that have our favorite bands name and logo on it… but after my fourth one I am getting SO SICK of this pattern… this is my pattern

the red “X” on the ends is their logo… a sideways medic symbol… and then the way they write their band name… kind of squared off with the line under the “V” is also a traditional sign of the band…

i have 8 more scarves and they are saying that if i come up with a new pattern that sounds good, they will let me do it… everyone wants red and black of course… but the ideas i have so far are:

  1. smaller letters on the outside borders with the band name and the medic symbol going throughout the center…

  2. the medic symbol only (which no one really wants because it doesn’t have the bands name in it).

so i am at a loss at what a new pattern could be for these scarves. if anyone has any ideas i would be sooooo appreciative of the help…

Wait. They will [I]LET[/I] you do it? Who’s knitting these?! Unless they are paying for them they shouldn’t have any say in it IMO.

well they are paying me

this is one of my ideas… but i could really use some help!!! pleeeaaasssseee

ive been doing this mosaic…

Okay, if they’re paying you then it makes more sense. I like the new pattern. :thumbsup:

thank you :smiley: im having fun doing it… its three colors and so there is a lot of untangling involved but it is definitely keeping my interest lol

I think that a variety of patterns will make them more personal and more special to the person you’re knitting the scarfs for. That way they can say to themselves, [I]oh, yours is cool, but mine’s better[/I]. It also keeps you more sane!
Also, you could block the letters 90 degrees so that they go down like:
instead of CHEVELLE across.
Good Luck!

yeah those are the exact reasons i want new designs! thank you!!

i have thought about the letters going that way too… it would help with the stranding method too… :D:D thank you!

how is this? definitely not these colors but the concept::

So that’s the “C”? I think you need to do the letters in one color, otherwise it’ll be hard to read. You could do the different letters in different colors to switch it up a bit.

gooood cuz i was thinking that too… i just knit that up real quick but i was thinking the same thing… it was getting insanely messy in the back as well…

thank you!