Need some collective wisdom on next pattern steps

Hi, I am knitting my first jumper. It is a Rowan pattern ‘Pony’. I am working on the armholes. The pattern tells me to knit 18 rows less than I knitted for the back. So, the length of knitting is measured in cm only in the pattern. The length of the armhole is 29cm. To work out how many cms less I need to knit on front, I have used my Pony Knitting Calculator to try to work this out. 5cm equals 13 rows and the calculator shows that to knit 29 cm, I will have knitted 78 rows. My logic is 78 - 18 would mean that I need to knit 60 rows. This would mean that the armhole would therefore be 23 cm in length at the front. Have I calculated this correctly, or is there another way I should do this? However, when I calculate the number of rows per cm using a tape measure, I come out with 87 rows (3 rows per cm) which is a different starting position to 78. Help…how do I do this??

You calculated correctly but apparently, you aren’t getting the same row gauge as the pattern. That’s ok, it often happens that stitch gauge and row gauge aren’t on the pattern gauges. We go with stitch gauge and measure for rows.
The pattern gauge is 25rows/10cm so 18 rows would be 7.2cm. Since the armhole is 29cm, you want to knit for 21.8, say 22cm and then follow the next step in the pattern.

Thank you so much. I figured 23 cm as well, but I come at it from a different calculation. I’ve calibrated the knitting calculator on the tension I have knitted, not on the pattern i.e. I knit slightly tighter than the recommended gauge for the pattern. Are these knitting calculators accurate enough do you think?

Really helpful :grinning:

I haven’t really used knitting calculators. When I’ve tried the ones for increasing or decreasing evenly across rows they’ve worked rather well. You can always check a calculation by hand until you gain confidence in the one you’re using.

Thank you !