Need some advice

I am starting a secondary project, an Irish cable/lace shawl, and bought some Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool for it. I had 40% and 50% coupon for it, so it was SUPER cheap. I was also suprised how soft it was, but that is besides the point.

My question is, I have some Kelly Green RIT dye, and am thinking about dying it…but right now it is just virgin wool and a nice cream type color. I am really torn. My great-grandma made a shawl in a green when she was back in Ireland, so it would be neat (though I don’t know the first thing about dying), but I have alot of old knit stuff in the color that this yarn is also. (my youngest has a lovely sweater in the same color that I wore at one time).

So, what do you think? :?

I’d have to do a test dye first to make sure the dye works with the yarn in question. But it sounds like you at least know that you like this color, so in that respect, go for it! I tend to stick with certain colors, even for similar objects. Sometimes I hesitate before giving in to a new purchase, but I figure if I like a color and think it looks good on me, so much the better.

As long as you don’t mind if it turns out a slightly different, or slightly paler color than on the box cover, then I’d say go for it!

You’ll have to re-wind your skein into a loose hank, and tie it (loosely!) in a few places, in order to dye it evenly.

Let me know how it works. I have a bunch of wool I want to dye, too, and I don’t know what kind of dye to go with.