Need some advice

I am about to start on a scarf for my son. I am using KP worsted and will be knitting it using a textured pattern made up of ks & ps. I can’t decide whether I should use size 7 ( kind of thick) or size 8 because of the texture. Thanks for your help.

I would probably use the 8s (or maybe go up to a 9), but then I tend to knit tightly.

You could try beginning the scarf (or making a swatch) and see which you prefer, but I’d start out with the 8s.

I usually use 11’s to make scarves with the worsted and it works for me. My kid has 10 1/2s and hers isn’t too bad. I think the 7’s might make the stitches to dainty but it might make it warmer.but I agree I would use the 8’s

I like using larger needles for worsted than you’re `supposed to’; knit on size 8s it’s just too dense and stiff, and I don’t knit tight. Use at least 8s and you can try out 9s and 10s too.