Need sock suggestions

Hi All!

I’m not a huge sock knitter - in fact, I’ve knitted one complete pair of socks so far using the Silver sock tutorial. :muah: I have a somewhat severe case of “Second Sock Syndrome”, but I’ve also discovered that socks are nice “in-between” projects if I’m not up to starting something major…or can’t invest alot of money in yarn. Since I only started knitting last October I don’t have much of a stash yet. :verysad:

ANYWAY. I was surfing the web last week and stumbled upon a huge sock yarn sale at one of my favorite online stores (don’t get too excited, it’s in Germany, where I am). We’re talking $3.00 socks here. It was so cheap that I didn’t even pay attention to how much yarn I was getting and suddenly my three pairs worth of yarn turned into enough for six pairs:

So…now I need some suggestions on sock patterns. I’m sort of a newbie so I’m not into anything TOO complicated, and I seem to be one of the few people who enjoy knitting socks on DPNs. :oops:

The yarn is 75% virgin wool and 25% polyamide, and I’m looking for patterns for US#1 / 2.5 mm needles. Patterns for men’s socks would also be appreciated, since the blue yarn would make nice socks for DH too.

I’m on sock #1 (the screamingly bright pink/orange/red yarn), using the Jaywalker Socks pattern from Knitty and I’m enjoying it very much. (Probably because it’s still the first sock…the second one will be hard to get excited about.)

If anybody has any good patterns bookmarked that you would like to share, I sure would appreciate it! :muah:

This is the sock pattern/tutorial that most of us start with. Silver is a member here and this is a wonderful pattern! She has also just created a new pattern for two socks on one long needle (magic loop) as well as the original done on DPNs.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve already done the sock tutorial…I’m on the lookout for nice patterns now!

Here is my favorite place to look for new sock patterns.
I also recommend Sensational Knitted Socks, it is worth every penny.

Happy sock knitting :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with German patterns? I have some nice pattern links :smiley:

Please tell me where you have bought the yarn :wink:

That knittychick link is exactly what I was looking for - thanks so much! :muah:

Krautie (I love your screen name :teehee: ), I got my yarn at The sale is still going on, although I think some of the sock yarn is already gone.

And yes, I would love some german patterns too. Thanks!

Another nice german online shop - fast & friendly - is In fact, this is definitely my favorite place to buy yarn online. I plan on visiting their shop soon too. They have a very international selection - it’s nice being able to use the exact yarn that an american pattern calls for.

Do you live in northern Germany? Because the “Wollfabrik” is having a huge sale at the end of March: I am SO going!! :cheering:

I would suggest possibly buying a copy of Sensational Knittedsocks or the second onedue out soon. It is a great, versitile book you could use for many many pairs of socks!

For single patterns, I enjoyed this basic pair (pdf).

HamburgKnitter, I live in southern Germany. And I think this is very good for me and my money because I know the Wollfabrik-website :teehee:

I often buy my yarn online at Wolle-Halle. the quality is absolutely ok and the prices are very good!

Thanks for the other links! I will visit these sites later…or perhaps it’s better I don’t :smiley:

Here are some german patterns:

Socken mit Lochmuster
Detmolder Muster
Socken mit Gürtel


Sorry it took me so long to get back to the forum - thanks for the links Krautie!

Your english is really good by the way.

I also agree that Sensational Knitted Socks book would be a great investment…perfect for the new socknitter! I can’t wait for the next one!
I have 2 sock patterns for men and am currently working on another. Lonnie’s Sport Socks are a simple knit, using a slip st. pattern and it only uses 100 grams of sock yarn. I have another available now, Guitar Man Socks but these use between 130-150 grams of sock yarn because the leg is long. Something that I’m afraid I didn’t keep in mind when I was buying sock yarn to knit socks for Lonnie, generally speaking, if you are knitting a sock for a man it takes over 100 grams of sock yarn if you want a long leg…so when you are looking at the patterns don’t do like I did one time and not look at the quantity of yarn that was needed (I didn’t have enough to knit the socks)! LOOK, LOOK cause the men’s socks may call for more sock yarn.
Have fun! I’ve turned Lonnie into a “When are you going to have my next pair of socks finished?” husband :heart: It’s wonderful when your husband loves what you knit for him!

Some of these are on #2 needles, if you don’t mind, and I think the Haystack Socks are #0.
Brenda’s Lace Socks
Lombard Street Socks
Monkey Socks (these are lace from Knitty)
Razor Shell Socks
Sheri’s Lace Socks
Snicket Socks
Twist and Shout Socks
Waders Socks
Seduction Socks
Lacy Scallops Socks
Mock Cable Eyelet Socks
Zokni Socks
New Year’s Socks
Apple Laine Socks
Belle Maman Socks
Heart Socks
Crooked Cable Socks
Lacy Mock Cable Socks
Eagle’s Flight Socks
Early Spring Socks
Feather and Fan Socks
Flickering Flames Socks
Fruit Basket Socks
Hanauma Bay Socks
Haystack Socks
Holly’s Lace Socks
Hope that helped!

Wow, you are all so nice and helpful! :muah: I can’t believe the time you put in to help me out with patterns! :muah:

:heart: THANK YOU! :heart: