Need Sock Pattern to Highlight Yarn

Hey ladies - I’m looking for a sock pattern that would highlight Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Hawaii. There are 4 color changes, but they are pretty drastic, so I don’t want the pattern to be lost in the colors…like I think it would with the Monkey socks pattern or something similar. Some of those patterns need color changes, but slight ones, not the big jumps between white, teal, purple and blue, like the Hawaii. But I do want some style to it, not just plain stockinette.

Any suggestions? I’ve included a picture of the colorway as well. Thanks!

How about broadripple

The pattern is simple. It calls for cascade fixation, but I have done it in other yarns and the socks turned out great :happydance:


Oh, and there is also Jaywalker
I think this pattern will look fantastic with your yarn, but you’ll need to adjust for guage

I really like these: All of Cookie A’s sock patterns, on (there are four, I believe) and elsewhere, are beautiful. The lace adds a bit of interest while still letting the beautiful yarn be the focus, rather than a busy pattern. Good luck, because whatever pattern you choose, it’s just going to be fun to turn that gorgeous yarn into some gorgeous socks :woot: