Need sock HELP

I have taken a three year break from knitting. After whipping up a basic scarf I decided to try a pair of socks. I have remembered how to cast on, knit, and purl.

(three years ago I made a pair of wool ease socks for dear hubby on size 5 dpns using Silver’s tutorial).

So this time I bought fingering weight sock yarn and size 1 dpns. YIKES! I so do not like working with the size 1 dpns!

I have to find another method…things are not going well.

Here are the questions I have:

  1. Can you use silver’s magic loop tutorial on the one circular knitting needle to make one sock at a time? I have one large skein, not two balls.

  2. For those of you who have knitted socks on circulars before, which do you find easier? Using two circulars or the magic loop method?

Thanks in advance!

I prefer two circular needles. You can use Silver’s magic loop tutorial, but it is for two socks at a time so it might be confusing at times. Both of hers for ML and 2 Circs are toe up, too.

I think these are top down ML socks though.

ML is faster and less “fiddly” for me. I am finishing up slippers for DH right now using ML. Once you knit a pair or two you will be able to translate any DPN sock pattern into 2 circs or ML.

:teehee: I find 2 circs easier and less fiddly, but really there is sliding of stitches on either one so it’s whatever you find works for you. :thumbsup:

I’ve used almost all methods for socks (haven’t done two at a time one inside the other). THere are advantages to each. Magic loop you can’t accidentally use the wrong circ needle. But two circs for one sock is a great way to start. I actually started with one sock on 3 dpns, then one on 4 dpns. THen one on 2 circs, then two on 2 circs, then 2 on magic loop. (all top down) Then toe up, so now I can follow any pattern. And I’ve only been doing socks for a little over a year. My suggestion for using two circs is TWO DIFFERENT COLOR AND LENGTHS CIRCS. That way it’s easier to distinguis the circs. and you won’t be AS APT to mix them up.