Need Size 15 - Have Smaller to Trade

I need some size 15 needles (wood or metal OK). I have smaller ones to trade.

I have “wood” and “aluminum” :happydance: whatcha got (smaller) to trade for!!! I am looking for sock yarn!!! Got any of that for swap :muah:

:pout: Sorry, I’m still pretty new at this so I don’t have yarn to swap, I do have needles which are duplicates of sizes I already have. Let me know if you need any of those.

Gotcha :oops: Do you have DPN’s??? What size small do you have? Are they straights or circs??? I could use size 6, 7 or 8 DPN’s (in sets) Thanks

Yes, I believe I have some brand new Size 7s, I’ll check. I just bought a set and didn’t know I had that size already.

OK, I just checked…they are DPNs size 8. Brand new, just bought them. There are 4 of them of course. :wink:

Let me know if you want them for a swap. If yours are in similar condition, I guess I’d prefer the aluminum ones.

That figures!!! Checked my needles, have everything but 15 in Aluminum, but I do have wood for sure US15… I’ll even throw in a plasic US 17 if you’d like… Let me know…Thanks Cheley

NP, I’ll take the wood. :happydance:

Great, :cheering: Just PM me your address…Thanks

Hi, got your “needles” ready to go–threw in the plasic “17” too!!! Do you have any circs?? I could use a 10.5??? Let me know :muah: Thanks Cheley

Will check. Your 8 DPNs were mailed today.