Need simple cotton purse pattern

I have two boys. A little girl I know is having a birthday, and I’d love to knit something pink. I’m thinking a quick purse and maybe a matching purse for a doll. I have some worsted weight pink cotton (Plymouth Natural), white fun fur, and another novelty yarn or two in the stash.

Now, what pattern would you recommend? I’ve tried google/searching, but the choices are overwhelming! I’d probably spend more time looking for the right pattern instead of knitting the purses! I’d prefer free, but I’m willing to pay for the right instant gratifiction/instant download pattern.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

you don’t need a pattern. Just knit a rectangle, fold it in half, seam up the sides, and add an icord strap. Or a twisted strap. Or a braid. Maybe start with 20 stitches using both the pink and the fun fur, knit a few rows, then just use the pink, and knit a few rows at the end with both yarns together. You could do some decreases to make one end pointy, so it looks like a flap… add a button for decoration. you could put her initial on it, too, either by embroidering it on afterwards, doing duplicate stitch, or a combination knits and purls (if you’re doing stochinette stitch).

Hildie, you’re so smart! I love your idea.