Need shawls & book marker

I work with a variety of non for profits that assist individuals in rebuilding their lives from domestic violence, homelessness and substance abuse. We plan several retreats throughout the year that provide them with support and encouragement free of charges. I have been asked to make shawls and book markers. I am only one person and can knit/crochet only so fast :slight_smile: I would greatly apprecate and love some help with this larger than life project. We are expecting 100 men/women this year. The next retreat is scheduled for September 29th in Chicago.

Thanks for the help & support: :

If you would like for us to help, please let us know the address where we can mail our knitted items, as well as details on what we should knit.

Hi, just came across this post (need shawls) I have one, but would like to trade…I am looking for How to Knit by Debbie Bliss…sound like a deal??? Let me know Cheley

I believe you should be looking for a trade in the “Buy/Sell/Swap” category, instead of the “Charity Knitting” category.:think:

No, I am looking to “donate”… but thought maybe “a book” in trade would cover shipping charges…So that’s why it’s not in the “Buy/Sell/Swap” category… Have a great Day…

Would you ask the Red Cross or Goodwill or Salvation Army for a trade in return for what you donate? :-?

Never mind…I’ve just never seen anyone else ask for something in return for their charity knitting.

Nope, I have never asked the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Warm hands, Warm hearts, RSVP,APL and the list goes on…So sorry for my post, I’ll just keep the “Prayer Shawl” that a very dear friend of mine ebraced as her time was passing on…I had good intentions…Cheley


Maybe you misunderstand the point of charity knitting. It’s to donate your time, and the project which includes shipping to someone less fortunate. Generally these projects go to groups that have absolutely no way of trading anything. I believe that is what Sandy was saying.

Perhaps in the future private messages could be used if questioning someone’s intentions that way it can be handled quietly without embarssing any members…we all do not think the same way and Cheley may not have known how the Charity knitting works on KH.

But the very definition of charity is gift, not trade. Regardless, simple mistakes happen; that’s life. We live & we learn.