Need Shawl pattern advice please

It’s my Nanni’s 90th birthday at the end of February and I’d really like to make her a shawl, but I don’t know were to start.

She’s still very active, goes out to tea party’s every 2 weeks and she likes to dress nice for that. I don’t want anything too over the top, maybe something a little lacy but not complicated as I haven’t done much with Lace knitting.

The only shawl pattern I have is for an Aran weight cabled shawl, too complicated for me and it’s very solid, I’d like something a bit softer than that if you get my meaning.

Thanks for any help.

Faux Spanish Lace

This is a lace pattern I have suggested as a first lace shawl to several people. It makes a tip-up triangular shawl. The allover lace pattern of the shawl was derived from a pattern called ‘Old Spanish Lace’

Cast on 3. Knit back.

All even rows are knit. (*or purled - your choice - but be consistent; if you purl your return rows you will want to change the border stitches to purl or knit first and last 3 stitches of return row.)

Setup Rows:

  1. k1, YO, k1, YO, k1

  2. k1, YO, k3, YO, k1

  3. k3, YO, k1, YO, k3

This gives you three border stitches on either side which will always be knit.*

  1. k3, YO, knit until 3 stitches remain, YO, k3

  2. k3, YO, k1, YO,*S2kp; YO, k1, YO; repeat from * until 3 stitches remain, k3

Repeat rows 7 through 10 until “large enough”.

Knit 4 rows and bind off loosely.

I’ve done a sample of mario’s pattern in stockinette and it makes a very pretty st pattern though very easy. I may even do a whole shawl in it someday…