Need Shawl for 1st. Communion

Hi All… Again!!

I also need a shawl for my niece’s 1st. Communion. She’ll be 9 yrs. old and all the shawls I would love to do are just too adult, too big, or just boring.
Any suggestions? I’m open to anything and thankfully I have time. Its next year in May but due to alot of baby births I want to be ahead of the game with her shawl since i’ve promised it to her. So please anything will be so helpful.

Take Care and Thank You again!!:cheering: :grphug:

Hmmm… do you want rectangle or triangle? I’m not sure, other than size, how a child’s shawl would differ from an adults… :think:

I would like a Triangle since I think it looks more elegant. But its the sizing I had a problem with. I tried before and I just made it too long and wide. HELP!!

I would select a pattern that is a top down triangle (which when you look at them are actually two triangles worked side by side) -

Select one that has an allover pattern or for which adjustments are already in the pattern and a a relatively simple edge treatment. This will make adjusting the size easier.

Work until the top (from the needle along the free edge to the other needle) is equal in length to the "wingspan’ of the child. YOu will want to allow for growth in blocking - but you should have a percentage figure on that because of course, you swatched… (I allow 10 %) (In other words - if I need 60 inches, I knit until I have 54 inches - 6 inches allowed for growth in blocking)

ps - check out my ‘Placida Flamenco’ looks a lot more complicated then it is if done in lace weight on larger then you would normally use even for lace needles

Many if not most triangle shawls start at the point so you just knit till it’s wide enough and stop. Just do fewer repeats of the pattern.

This one starts with 3 stitches and does increases. It can be done in any yarn I think, it doesn’t have to be insane stripes. :teehee: I’ve seen it done in all white and it was beautiful.