Need second opinion on sweater sleeve

Hi y’all! I’m making the SNB skully for my “little” brother and as I approach the sleeves, I am skeptical of the pattern and would like a second opinion.

According to the pattern, you pick up sts around the armholes and knit down. Fine, less seaming, sounds good. But there is no shaping/decreasing. The arm is like a post, as wide at the wrist as it is at the armpit. This doesn’t seem right to me. It looks ok in the picture, but the picture doesn’t give a very good view.

Seriously, is this going to look ok or should I take matters into my own hands and do some subtle decreases? I don’t want to over-do it and make the sleeves like remember in the 80s when we tucked our pants into our socks? Little bro won’t mind if it is baggy, but I’m just not trusting that the pattern won’t be too baggy…

Advice? Input? Unrelated comments?

I had a thought, though I don’t have my SNB book with me here at work. What if the sleeves are just stretching more at the top than at the bottom. I think that should look right, if the fabric has some stretch to it.


You could make any number of decreases you wanted to, like every 2 inches or so. I’m not a fan of wide sleeves either so I change the patterns and taper the sleeves.


I just looked at the picture and the sleeve LOOKS big to me.Look at the sleeve by the boys face.And the schematic shows ot with no deceases

It does look big, right? I can’t tell if it will look stylish or dorky.

Guess you have to decide if your brother will like it that way.I personal would do a few deceases :shrug:

It’s a preference thing really. I like a nice full sleeve and prefer it to something that binds at the wrist. Maybe a few gradual decreases (maybe 20%?) wouldn’t be bad though it if he doesn’t like a full sleeve.

How old is your brother? Younger, hip guys like hip, baggy fit.

Does he live local? If so, why not finish one sleeve according to pattern, cast off…and temporarily pin the one-sleeved sweater together, and let him try it on? If it is NO, HE DOESN’T LIKE IT…you will have well enough yarn in the FROG BACK to re-do the sleeve with a decrease and perhaps a ribbed cuff. BTW, men are fussy about the length of sleeve

There is a book called “Sweaters That Men Will Wear”. Dedicated to the knitting of sweaters THAT MEN LIKE AND WILL WEAR…as opposed to sweaters that women like to knit!

The book discusses varieties of men, varieties of yarn, the styles, the fit. Cardinal rule #1: It says: “involve him in every step of the process…from pattern, yarn selection, fit” to assure that he will wear the sweater!

One sweater that I knit for DH called for Rowan Polar (!) I love Polar. HOWEVER, 35 years of marriage has taught me a few lessons! I took DH to the yarn shop with me…and asked him to look at Polar. His comment: “It feels like sissy yarn.” (I knew that he would say that) He chose Cascade 220 wool…in a drab brown (I knew that too). I knit the cardigan with triple strand Cascade 220 to get the right gauge…BUT GUESS WHAT…he does wear the sweater! A basketweave cardigan with deer horn buttons. You get the image I am painting??
:teehee: That was the first and last sweater I knit for DH. :teehee:
:heart: :heart: As a symbol of my love for him, mainly. :heart: :heart:

He did pick out the pattern, he had been asking my mom to make it for ages and she farmed it out to me. I did clarify with him that the sweater is on a woman in the book, but he said he didn’t care and since it has no shaping he is pretty much right that it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, he lives on the other coast so I can’t try it on along the way :frowning: I did get my husband’s input on the yarn and DH is WAY pickier about stuff than lil bro so I should be ok.

He is young (24), but certainly not hip. More of a “starving artist”, but he is completely oblivious to fashion or trends. I e-mailed him the snb website and asked him to take a look at the sleeve and let me know what he thinks.

Just my opinion, but if he is of the artistic type I’m betting he’d prefer the looser, fuller sleeve.

Hi! Don’t want to appear ‘out of the loop’…but must…

what does SNB stand for…and where can I view this most interesting sweater pattern?

Sounds like the pattern “as is” will be just right for your brother…the right age…and ‘starving artist’ is the exactly type of HIP I meant!! What could be hipper than a 24 yr old starving artist guy?! Cool! :eyebrow:

(I didn’t mean HIP as in “GQ”.) Aaargh.

I wouldn’t do the decreases. I’m 26 and I like baggy sleeves. Plus, if he picked out the pattern it’s probably because he likes the overall feel of the sweater: a punk-rock, urban kind of feel. that kind of a style does call for baggy sleeves.

Don’t rib the ends, the roll is cool.

SNB is Stitch N Bitch. Debbie Stoller is wearing the sweater I am talking about here

(PS I didn’t mean to argue the semantics of your use of the word ‘hip’, I think I was just trying hard to imagine a universe anywhere in which my brother might be considered ‘hip’ under any definition of the word lol! Step away from the Diablo computer game young man!)

Thanks for the link to SNB , bip! It looks like the sleeve is slim in the bicep area…so that as is goes straight down to the cuff, it is just the right width! I like the sleeve as shown!! Nice sweater!!

Dont want to highjack your thread, but since I have a Q on this same sweater, I thought Id ask it here…

When youre doing a color change like on the skull on the arms, what method do you use? Do you just leave the yarn hanging and work around in the grey till you get to the next row and pull the yarn back across the back of the skull and start knitting again? this is baffling me and id love to knit this sweater…

I am starting the sleeves tonight Tonid, I’m not sure what I had planned. I did notice that the patter didn’t say, so I was planning to wing it. If anyone wants to answer Tonid’s question and save me some “error” in my trial and error process, I would deeply appreciate it!

Hiya bip! I’m sure someone will chime in, but either way, I look forward to hearing about how you end up doing the sleeves. Im psyched that someone is doing this one before me.