Need Riggin' Help

I’ve counted a million times and somewhere, along the way, I’ve ended up adding 10 sts to my knitting (hey, I knit with toddlers running around, 10 isn’t that bad. LOL) Anyway, not knowing WHERE/at what point in the knitting these 10 sts were added (heck, probably over the course of several rows would be my luck), without completely starting over, I dont’ know how to get rid of them. That is okay though…I THINK.

I’ve been doing the February Lady Sweater and about the begin the lace pattern…again (and yes, I checked my yo increases I did several rows back to see if my count was off there. I can’t find where it was) and the repeat is 7 sts over 4 rows.

Since I have 10 sts extra, could I, rather than have to decrease over the span of the sweater 10 sts, just decrease 3 sts and do one more repeat of hte adapted gull lace pattern? OR would it be best to decrease the 10 additional sts back to what I was supposed to have had? I KNOW I’ve counted them along the way… I don’t know WHY I’m now getting 10 add’l sts other than, well… I’m incapable apparently of counting to 282 correctly.

Anyway, it is for my mom (and she’ll love me HOWEVER it turns out unless it is hideous at which point I’ll keep for myself). I’ve decided I’m not frogging back further to find these mysterious 10 sts (I know, I’m a horrible knitter and might probably should be flogged, but…my mind is made up on this one…sort-of), so I’m seeking advice on how best to “rig” the thing so I can keep going.

Despite my desire to “rig” it, I don’t want the “rigging” to look overly funky, hence my seeking your insight.

Thanks to all, in advance, for your input/ideas/suggestions!

Well, I don’t know for sure. What kind of increases are you doing? If you’re doing YO are you remembering to move the yarn back for the knit stitches? That can create an extra YO you weren’t expecting. I would try counting after each row so you know which row is the problem row. Then look very carefully at that row and see if you can spot some stitch that looks out of place. Did you put markers on the increases btw?

If you’re on Rav there is a whole group for the sweater and you might find others who’ve had your problem, too.

What is the gauge you’re knitting. If it’s about 7 stitches to the inch it will increase the size of your sweater by that amount. It may also throw off calculations for the sleeves (where to put them in relationship to the stitch pattern.)

I say dec 3 sts where they won’t be noticeable, then do one extra lace repeat than what you’d planned.

Thanks everyone. I did go back and look again and again at the increases (yarn overs) I intentionally did and didn’t see any funky numbers. I don’t know if I did M1 somewhere here and there or what. Thanks also for the gauge info AND the try 3 decreases spread around evenly.

I’ll let you know how things go. As always, you guys SO TOTALLY ROCK!