Need really soft wool

Hello all,

I am wanting to start working on a scarf for next winter. (I think it’s going to take me that long to work on it!!:stuck_out_tongue: )

I have heard that wool is best for cables and textured items, but I hate the way that most wool feels. I’m really sensitive to scratchy fibers. (not allergic, just don’t like the way it feels) So, I’m looking for someone who is experienced with yarns to help me find a great yarn for this pattern.

I see that this picture was knit with alpaca. That is definitely an option but I would like something that doesn’t doesn’t shed.

Thanks so much.

Malabrigo!!! It’s the only yarn that I’ve used that has absolutely NO prickles when worn around the neck. It’s a joy to work with and the colors are devine, too.

That’s a pretty pattern. You’ll be showing the rest of us up getting such an early and wise start on the next holiday season! Best wishes!

That is a very pretty pattern.

Malabrigo is the only 100% wool that I can use, and as Ingrid said, “the colors are devine”.

I just started a scarf with Lorna’s Laces and it seems pretty soft to me and I’m [I]VERY[/I] sensitive to wool.

Go to your LYS if you can and feel them against your neck yourself if at all possible. What one person thinks is soft or great may not be so much to you.

Sadly my LYS doesn’t carry Malabrigo. I wish it did. I have heard such good things about it but was too afraid to order it online. I will look for the Lorna’s Laces yarn.

Thanks so much for the replies.

I also love Handpaintedyarn and 100purewool online. Both are wonderful…the single ply purewool felts easily and the 3ply is more durable but really soft.

The softest worsted weight wools I’ve felt were Malabrigo and Berroco Peruvia.

I also love Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk.

Yes! Alpaca Silk is like a cloud!cloud9

Lorna’s Laces IS a great yarn, too.

I really like the wools from Knit Picks. I’m just finishing up a sweater with Palette that is extremely soft, even though it hasn’t been blocked yet, as it isn’t quite finished. If the rest of their yarn is anything like Palette you’ll have a fantastic soft scarf.

Malabrigo. I just finished a scarf with it.

I vote for Berrocco Ultra Alpaca!
I have made 2 scarfs out of it. The pattern I used was Silvers palindome cable knit.
They came out sooo soft!